Sisthaema skin booster

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Sisthaema skin booster

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is an intradermic injectable hydrogel, featuring a breakthrough and patented combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose, proven to last longer than any linear HA-based injectable and to provide skin bio regeneration, volume and deep hydration.

Where can Sisthaema Hevo-T be injected?

  • FACE
  • NECK
  • ARMS
These are the most common places of where Sisthaema Hevo-T is used although it can be injected anywhere where skin is present.
Sisthaema Hevo-T is meant to naturally make you look younger, improving your skin health and stimulating its own ability to repair and recover. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to maintain your look, shedding a few years off. After the treatment you will see immediate results and glowing skin, you will feel the deep hydration and notice smoother skin and a fresher look. Following the protocol advised by your trusted physician will grant the best results possible.

How much doesSisthaema skin booster cost?

  • 1 treatment £280
  • Course of 3 (recommended) £800 15 days apart
  • Finance available
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