About Faye Garwood

Introducing Our Aesthetics and Beauty Director Faye Garwood

Our renowned Director, Faye Garwood, is nothing short of an aesthetic maestro, wielding over 25 years of professional experience in the Aesthetics and beauty industry, like an artist with her brush. Her profound understanding of body and mind therapies is only rivalled by her illustrious qualifications, boasting of a VTCT Level 4 certification in advanced beauty therapy and the education and training sector.

Regarded as an Aesthetics virtuoso, Faye Garwoods’ expertise in sculpting face and body transformations has garnered widespread acclaim. Her belief? Beauty enhancement shouldn’t betray natural charm but instead should elevate it. She’s a maestra of subtlety, gifting her clients with a rejuvenated youthfulness that looks effortless, fresh, and natural.

Client relationships are the cornerstone of Faye’s practice, forging durable bonds built on trust, effective communication, and a mutual quest for the best results. She goes beyond providing exemplary treatments, delivering premium aftercare and advice tailored to your needs. The experience isn’t just about the treatment with Faye; it’s a partnership, a team effort to manifest your ultimate aesthetic aspirations.

The pursuit of perfection never ends for Faye. She continuously hones her craft, training in new treatments, mastering advanced techniques, and familiarising herself with cutting-edge products. This relentless passion for learning ensures her clients receive only the crème de la crème of beauty treatments, individually tailored and far from a generic, “one treatment fits all” approach. You’re not just another face in the crowd for Faye; you’re unique, and your treatment should reflect that.

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