Microneedling London


Microneedling London

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The guide to Microneedling and what it can do for you

At London Aesthetics Clinic Microneedling procedure involves using a device with many tiny needles to create microscopic punctures on the skin.

The goal of microneedling is to increase collagen production and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks by stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. Microneedling can be used on all skin types but those with sensitive skin should consult our therapist before proceeding.

How to get the most out of your Microneedling session and the aftercare at home

Microneedling London is a treatment that can be used to treat several different skin conditions, including wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and more.

Microneedling is a procedure that involves using small needles to create perforations in the skin. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and helps to rebuild the layers of your skin.

There are two types of microneedling treatments: superficial and deep. Superficial treatments are less invasive than deep treatments but offer fewer benefits as well. Deep treatments are typically only recommended for people who have experienced significant scarring or thinning of their skin due to age or other factors such as smoking or sun exposure.

Microneedling for acne treatment: Why it works & how to get rid of acne scars naturally

The procedure has been used for many years in the medical world, but it has only recently been introduced to the beauty industry. It can help to reduce acne scars and improve skin texture, hydration and elasticity. single round needle to poke 5-6 holes in the skin’s surface at both sides of the targeted area. The next step is to move back and forth one needle over another until there are 50-60 microscopic wounds on each inch of The procedure is very simple. Our Therapist then cleanses the skin with a hydrating toner and then covers the area that will be treated with a thin layer of gel to numb it.


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Prices Start from £80 - Call us NOW!!

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